Resignation Letter Template

Resignation Letter Template

This letter simply states that you are leaving the company or organization. In this letter you write the date on which your resignation will be effective.

The following resignation template shows what the letter includes.

Contact information

This includes your contact information and it is the first part of the letter.

Sender’s name (this is your name in full i.e. the first name last name)

  • Your address
  • City, state
  • Zip or postal code
  • Phone number
  • Email address


The date is written in full in the format you choose whether “month, day, year” or “year, month, day” or “day, month, year”. It should not be abbreviated. It represents when the letter was written.

Receiver’s address

This is the information of the person who you are sending the letter to

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company or organization
  • Address
  • City, state, zip or postal code


Dear Mr. / Ms. Last name .You use this because the letter is specific.  Use the name in full not in initials


This contains details of the letter and the date when the resignation will be effective.

First paragraph

This is where you state that you are resigning and include the date on which your letter will be effective.

Second paragraph

This is where you thank the employer for the opportunities (although this is optional). You can state the experience you have gained during the employment period.

You could also state the reasons if the reasons are positive reasons like you are resigning to go and study.

Don’t make the mistake of writing any negative staff in your letter remember you are trying to leave a positive impression with the employer better not state the reason if it is negative.

Last paragraph

You can close your letter by offering to assist with the transition period.

Complementary close

You can use any complementary close depending on the tone of your letter. You could chose to use “yours sincerely” or “regards” or “respectfully yours” e.t.c


It should be handwritten with black pen or blue pen.

Resignation Letter Template
Resignation Letter Template

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