Accountant Resume

Accountant ResumeAn accountant resume is a resume used by someone applying for a job as an accountant in a company.

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The following shows what to include in an accountant resume.

Contact information

Here you include your name and address. You include information of how the employer can contact you and also for them to get to know the person the resume is talking about.

Name (full name as it appears in your identification documents)

Address (postal or street address where applicable)

Telephone (give both the home and cell phone numbers)


Personal information

  • Date of birth (in full should not abbreviated)
  • Sex (male or female)
  • Citizenship


State your objective for the resume e.g. to seek opportunity in a business related company or organization to offer my services , advance in my accounting career and grow my self.

Summary qualifications

Here you give a brief summary of your qualities, experience and skills e.g. I have 7 years experience as an accountant. I have good communication skills. I have the ability to relate well with the customers. I have the experience in working with minimum supervision.

Employment history

State your professional experience in a chronological manner starting from the most recent job, you list all the companies you have worked with, the period of employment and your responsibilities. e.g.

  • Name: ABC Company
  • City, State: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Period of employment: 2005 –present
  • Job title: Accountant
  • Responsibilities
  • List your specific responsibilities e.g.
  • Keeping financial documents for the company
  • Handing in financial reports of the company after every financial year.


State the schools you attend, the name and address and the date. E.g.

Graduated in Bachelor of Arts in accountancy from university of Nairobi (2004)

List any other training you had in the course of your career.


State any relevant skills you possess that are related to the position of an accountant .e.g. Computer skills, communication skills, typing skills


In your resume indicate that the references will be available on request by the employer

Accountant Resume

Accountant Resume

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