Negative Response to Job Application

Negative Response to Job ApplicationAs an employer, you get many job application letters from people apply for the position.

After you care of them and read them, you should decide on the most appropriate candidate for the position. You should respond the candidates positively or negatively.

Vocabulary choice is really important for writing formal letters and you should write it accurately. If you want to explain that the person applied for the job is not suitable for the position, that means you will express your rejection and write a negative response letter to him or her.

Although its name is ‘negative response’, you should write in a positive and kindly way while expressing your rejection. Your letter should be concise. You should explain your reason with short but sufficient sentences.

First you should appreciate applicant’s moral courage and express your pleasure with his or her application.

Then you should explain why he or she is not suitable for the position, If you think that the applicant would be appropriate for other positions in your company, and that he or she appeared to also fit your company, you can also encourage the person to apply again in the future.

Every time end your employee rejection letters with a positive note and wish the person success. Make sure you thank your candidate for the time invested in the application and interview process and say you will keep application on file for other positions.

If he or she would not be appropriate for any position in your company in the future, never mean such things giving hope. Write the letter reverently not to disappoint the candidate.

Don’t forget that the rejection letter is your last opportunity to build a relationship with the candidate for the position in your company that will cause him or her to think favorably of your company.

This candidate can affect your reputation as a company by what he or she tell others and the people are affected by this candidate’s opinions and treatment.

So, it is at your hands. Don’t think this is not important for your reputation as a potential employer. To make all these real, make sure you write your letter really carefully and effectively even if it is a rejection letter.

A Negative Response to a Job Application template is below.

October 31, 2011
Number and Street
City, Province, Postal Code
Applicant’s address
Number and street
City, Province, Postal Code

Dear ……………………….

Thank you for your application for employment with ……. (company name) as a sales representative (write the position here).

I regret to inform that the position has now been filled by another applicant and would like to wish you success in your endeavours to find employment.

Yours Sincerely,


Negative Response to Job Application

Negative Response to Job Application

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