New Customer Welcome Letter

A welcome letter for a new customer is valuable for acquiring new customers, especially if your business focuses on personal relationship.

New Customer Welcome LetterWriting a welcome letter for a customer shows that you value the business you make with the customer. It introduces your company to the new customer officially.

It assures new customer that he or she made a good decision by choosing your company. It provides contact information.

In your welcome letter, there should be your company letterhead printed on the letter or you can write your contact information at least. Printing your letter head is an effective way to reinforce you brand through your letters of welcome.

If you do not have letterhead for your letter, you should include your company name, your return address, telephone number and email address. You can also add a fax number, website of your company or any other contact information if you have one.

After you write the letterhead, you should begin with the date of the letter and your recipient’s mailing address. They should all be aligned left.

The recipient’s address should include his or her full name, title, company and mailing address.

Then, you should go on with a greeting your recipient by name, followed by a colon. (i.e. Dear ….,) greeting your recipient with his or her first name or last name depends on your relationship with him or her.

After the greeting, there comes the opening sentence including a welcome message to the customer.

In the body of your new customer welcome letter, there should be an introduction to your company, it can include reiteration of your capabilities, as well. You should also introduce yourself in this section.

You should let the customer know your position and what role you play in her or his dealings with your company.

The section that includes many methods of contacting you is one of the most important parts of a new customer welcome letter.

There should be a clear list including how or when your customer can contact with you when he or she has questions in this section.

In the last section of your new customer welcome letter, you should thank the customer for his or her business, then you should reinforce that you are happy to welcome them as a customer and you should encourage him or her. You express that you are ready to do what it takes to make sure they are satisfied.

The main idea is giving a positive note at the end of the letter, and leaving your customer feeling welcome, important and valued with that note.

The closing of your letter should include a valediction (best regards, sincerely, your truly…etc.), your signature, your name and title.

The signature should be your actual signature, not a computer- generated signature. It should be between the valediction and your name.

New Customer Welcome Letter

New Customer Welcome Letter

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