Writing a Complaint Letter

Writing a Complaint LetterThis tutorial will show a step by step of how to write a complaint letter a.k.a. letter of complaint.

There are of course, sample letters and exercises but we intend to move on further into the difference that would depend upon each situation that arises in reply to faulty negotiations.

The content of a letter of complaint varies widely. However there is an outline that they all run through for all intended and purposes to send a message.

It must provide background in order to give light to the problems that has troubled the customer over the quality of service or products he/she has received.

Background section must provide your circumstances.

  • Set the tone. Inform the reader/company that you are upset of the circumstances in this situation. Whether there has been an incorrect set amount of products supplied or an incorrect data plugged in.
  • Be polite. Address what you found pleasing at first but at the misfortune of data that was provided you founded it to be incomplete to fulfill your needs.
  • State your position and credibility to address your grievances. If you’re a stake holder of the company do so. If you’re the last auditor of the last annual report for the bank, do so.
  • Explain that you are writing to follow up on issues or inconsistencies that have a negative impact on the reputation of the company.
  • Be honest. If you are dissatisfied with the way a product or service was delivered to you, say so.
  • Illustrate the Problem. Set of list of causes that may have led to your dissatisfaction.

How to illustrate the problem? Example is below:

  • November 12, 2011 an order was placed that confirmed with your company an order of 16,000 premium trophy badges. The consignment arrived yesterday but contained only about 8,000 trophy badges.
  • An Invoice was returned for the amount of $8,784, however it missed to account for the deduction that usually is discounted at 10% marginal rate.
  • There are 23 spelling errors and 6 mislabeled diagrams misrepresenting the facts in the account book mailed in the order.
  • The Company’s title has been misspelled.
  • There is a lack of information on the quantity in shipment received.

Writing a Complaint Letter
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