Writing Appointment Letter – Tips &Template

Writing Appointment Letter – Tips &TemplateAn appointment letter is to be written to inform a person he/she has been selected for a position in the company’s organization. The letter initiates a formal relationship between an employer and its employee.

The writing statement underscores the details about the designation, compensation package, and the date of commencement in the job position.

An appointment letter encapsulates all the essential terms and conditions for a sustainable partnership. The letter must be addressed in the tone of professional formality.

The letter should help the candidate should raise any last details and aspects about his/her job. The letter should inform the candidate of his/her benefits of leave and insurance.

The letter must coherently state the exact nature of his/her job. Below are some tips accompanied by a draft that sketches how an appointment letter looks on paper.

  • Direct the letter to the employee by explicitly stating their name at the top of the addressing letter.
  • Print the written letter on the company’s letter head.
  • Begin the letter with dear along to the name of the addressed.
  • Be clear on details provided it states all relevant information to benefits and of exact nature of the job.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 pixels Font.
  • Body must be single-spaced.
  • Proof-read before sending it out. Make sure it is clear of any grammatical or spelling errors.

Appointment Letter Template:

Full Name
Name of Your Organization
Name of Addressee
Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee),

The introductory paragraph of the letter should welcome the addressee into the organization and should congratulate him or her on being appointed at the position that he or she has been hired for.

The second paragraph of the letter should always mention all the necessary details like the date of joining for the addressee.

Also it is important to mention, what the addressee will be expected to do on his or her first day at work. It is essential that you mention all the documents and paperwork that the addressee will be expected to fill on the first day and also provide a list of all the documents that the addressee needs to bring with him or her.

If you are including a third paragraph in the letter, then ensure that you mention the address at which the addressee will need to report to and the time that he or she is expected to come to work at.

Also mention your own contact details, so that in case of any confusion, the addressee can contact you.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

Writing Appointment Letter – Tips & Template

Writing Appointment Letter – Tips & Template

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