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Technical Superintendent Cover Letter
The Technical Superintendent Cover Letter is a vital tool for technical professionals vying for managerial roles within the maritime and shipping industry. This document is pivotal in showcasing a candidate’s expertise, qualifications, and capabilities in overseeing technical operations, ensuring it aligns with a company’s needs and requirements. A well-crafted Technical
System Technician Resume Review
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification Personal information (Bio data) should follow heading. Objective and profile could be placed in personal information. There should be a little gap between sub-heads. Left margins should be the same for each new lines. Functional In the Work Experience section, commissioning should be written after
Supervisor IT Development Resume Review
RESUME REVIEW There is nothing to say about the content of your resume. You have stated all your information very detailed, they are well-ordered. You have written all the things needed and you have enriched it by using several formats. Don’t use any abbreviations about the technical terms if they
Supervisor IT Development Application Letter Review
Application Letter Review It is important not to include the information that are mentioned in the CV to you application letter, we also know as the cover letter. Your application letter is proper and prepared well according to this rule. You should write your name and surname and contact information.(Post
Software Engineer Resume Review
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification If you prepare a one-page resume center the text. You left very little margin on the top , furthermore, you also left little margin from left and right. Set the margins again so that it will look more professional and easy to read. Write your name
Shift Supervisor CV
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification You should definitely make the photo size smaller. Leave equal spaces between the titles and the text. Size of the titles is too big. You have already used bold text style. You can reduce it a little bit. Use Tab button more effectively. Make sure
Service Manager Resume Review
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification It is usually not very common to place the text in middle and use other colors than black tones in a CV. However for your CV it would be unnecessary to say that it is not possible. I can tell that your CV seems quite
Relationship Manager Resume Sample
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification I guess you didn’t care much about the style since the content of the CV is satisfying. However the appearance is also quite important. At least you can make the title bold so that it will make your CV easier to read. You can make use of
Receptionist Resume Review
RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification Use the same font size and style in all your titles, as well as in your sub-headings. For the Computer Skills part, you can as well prepare a table. Which would make it more clear. You should carry the last line on the page 2
Psychologist Resume Review
  RESUME REVIEW Appearance & Classification Numbering the items and using text box in a resume is rare. Instead of this; you should prefer to use bold titles and some marks. I recommend you to write together the titles that are related to each other, and even if possible to