Application Letter for Apprentice plumber

Dear Simeon,

Your application letter seems suitable and detailed enough. You’ve include your education information and your objectives as well as the reasons why you think you are suitable for the position. As you don’t mention about any experiences, I assume that this will be your first job.

I’ve added some words so that your application letter will be clearer.

Good luck!

Simeon Kalcut

66 Cosgrove Avenue


Amanda Jenkins

Apprentice plumber

Plumb and Jenkins

Jenkins Avenue

NG25 7PW

Dear Amanda Jenkins;

Apprentice Plumber

I am writing to apply for the vacancy open at Plumb and Jenkins; I saw the advert posted in a leaflet, which caught my attention.

When I saw the Advert I believed that my skills that I have picked up are vital for this job, I am a hard-working person who is prepared for work, I’m interested in plumbing as the skills needed match my skills, I am currently doing GSCE, my target grade in maths is a b and in English is a c, but I want to push higher into those a and b grades, I have taken ICT, product design and business, product design helps my hand-work, I believe I have a skill in computers as I enjoy using the computer. In the maths aspect I like  money solving  [this is not clear enough] and I have taken business too so that I can  combine them to enhance my skills, this will make the perfect job for me. I am energetic and athletic. I do a variety of sports  from football to swimming, in swimming I have achieved gold, I like to keep fit. In English my speech skills are very good as I achieved in between B/A grade. If the right training is given to me it will enhance my skills. I am known for my determination to work hard and learn from experiences, I am confidence in myself as I believe this is the perfect job for me.

I would be very grateful if you look at my application letter with interest, I am prepared afor a interview, willing to show and put my skills forward and it would be a fantastic opportunity and will help me to develop as a plumber and learn  from this experience. I am confident that I can get this job as I have the skills to help your company grow. If I work for your company then I can learn and build my skills.

Application Letter for Apprentice plumber

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