Academic CV

Academic CVCVs are the documents that consist of generally a few pages and include general information, a proper format.

The main purpose of preparing this document is to introduce oneself to the employers and advertise oneself in a sense. You should write your CV appropriate to the target working area.

There are differences among the CVs at that point. Now, we will give you general information about the Academic CV” that we mentioned about before.

Academic CV is generally given to Academicians, instructors, researchers in universities for training or scholarship

That kind of CV can include your academic experiences, education level, and the fields in which you are successful.

You should state where you got your undergraduate degree and where you did your doctorate. You can write and give information about the thesis you wrote.

As in any kind of CV, you should completely write your personal information such as name, surname, address, phone number…etc.

While stating your educational statue, you should start writing from the last academic program to the previous ones.

If you had double-majored you should state that additionally. You should write the names of the institutes and consultants and give short information about them.

You should pay attention to grammar and spelling rules besides punctuation.

You can write the research subjects that you are interested in.

Give information about your foreign language level.

Give information about the computer programs that you know how to use.

If you are a member of any academic community, state them.

Use bold and italic for the points that you want to highlight or emphasize.

You should be careful about the page format.

You should write what you want to write concisely.

Academic CV

Academic CV

Academic CV

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