The mistakes made while preparing a CV

The mistakes made while preparing a CVFirst of all, we should express that the CV that you will prepare shouldn’t be too short or too long. The number of pages of the CV to be prepared is quite important for the employers.

The fact that it is very short may be described as poorly-prepared. Also, five-page-CV filled with unnecessary information is also thought as poor. This mistake is generally made by the people who has just graduated and try to begin a career.

So, this is our first suggestion for these candidates. In the CV that you will prepare, you should pay attention not to give information complexly. Employers want to see what they look for on your CV immediately. So, you should write your information not complexly but in a certain way.

One more important thing is that your CV should be readable. Never prepare your CV by using an “excel” document. Instead, try to use “word”. Also, keep away from using colored, extravagant fonts and shapes.

Another mistake done by writing a CV is not putting any photo or wrong photo choice. We suggest you to put a recherché photo.

This photo should be taken neither from very far nor very closely and in profile. We suggest you to put a portrait with suitable clothes.

You shouldn’t leave the reference part empty. Newly graduates make that mistake most. The candidates who don’t have work experience can give their lecturers from the school or the people they work with for the same project as reference.

Another mistake is “page lay-out”. You should be careful about the margins and putting picture. If it is necessary to give format shallowly; the spaces should be 2,5-3 cm from the left and right.

You shouldn’t start writing from the top of the page; you should also leave space at the top. It can be 1,5-2 cm. The picture should be on upper right-hand corner.

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